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Camp Hill Lifts Travel Ban To Harrisburg

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(CAMP HILL) – Camp Hill Mayor Lou Thieblemont today signed a resolution lifting the 1982 ban that had prevented borough residents from traveling to Harrisburg.
Concurrently, Thieblemont trimmed back the hours during which the guard towers at all entrance points to Camp Hill will be staffed.
“I feel we’re ready for these bold steps,” said Thieblemont at a press conference at Cornerstone Coffeehouse. “However, please note that a midnight curfew will go into effect, meaning all borough residents must clear out of Harrisburg by that time. Remember, we’re talking baby steps here, people. Baby steps.”
The White Shore Chamber of Commerce voiced support for the resolution. “It’s almost like we’re going to be able to start doing business with another country,” said President and CEO Ed Messner.
Harrisburg Mayor Stephen Reed said he was “eager to welcome that snooty bunch of wine-sipping elitists” back into his city.

Written by centralpagazelle

May 5, 2007 at 10:58 am

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