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Once-popular Jerry Sandusky Lookalike Now Social Outcast

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(STATE COLLEGE) – A man who bears a striking resemblance to Jerry Sandusky says those traits, which once earned him everything from admiration to stints at parties, have gone from being a blessing to a curse.

“My phone used to ring off the hook, but it’s been eerily silent ever since late last year,” says Rufus Warner. Warner’s gray hair, awkward gate and protruding top beaver-like front teeth resemble those of the former Penn State assistant coach, who is awaiting sentencing after being convicted on 45 counts related to the molestation of children.

“At one point, I was doing as many as ten gigs a month, most of them being children’s birthday parties,” Warner says. But those gigs have now been replaced by awkward stares – and sometimes worse. “One day after a workout at my local fitness club, I walked into the shower. I’ll be damned if six guys didn’t go running out of the shower screaming. Then there was the time I got punched in the face by Chuck E. Cheese.”

Warner did get one gig this summer. “They put me in the dunking tank at a local fire company carnival. But it paid shit.”


Written by centralpagazelle

August 16, 2012 at 4:47 pm

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