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‘Tickle Me Sandusky’ Among This Year’s List Of Bad Children’s Gifts

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(HARRISBURG) – Several dolls, including the once-popular Tickle Me Sandusky, are among the most hazardous gifts you can buy your children this holiday season, officials with the Pennsylvania Toy Injury Testing Service (PennTITS) said at a Harrisburg press conference today. The group flagged the following four toys as being “bad buys.”

Tickle Me Sandusky – PennTITS says this doll, once adored by thousands of people, actually has a pattern of malfunctioning and harming children, especially when their parents are not in the room.

Mayor Linda Thompson doll – Safety advocates feel this toy is a hazard to children’s hearing due to the loud, constant and shrill voice it emits. The doll has even been known to keep talking after consumers turned its switch to the ‘off’ position and removed all batteries. In one instance, a parent reported that the doll hurled verbal insults at her daughter when the child refused to pray with it.

PA legislator doll – The ads bill this toy as “a great way to extort money from your friends,” as coins must be inserted into a slot on the doll’s head in order for it to work for you. Using electronic sensors, the doll instinctively walks toward the child who has the biggest pile of money, but not before taking a giant shit in front of each of the other children. PennTITS warns the toy is too messy and that the excrement can take two, four or even six years to remove from carpet. Its manufacturers are reportedly working on a companion toy for the PA legislator doll: the PA taxpayer doll, designed with a slot in its backside through which the legislator doll can violate it.

Governor Tom Corbett doll – As the doll is powered by natural gas, advocates say the risk exists that your child will inhale some fumes from it and, like the governor, become helplessly intoxicated with the gas drilling industry.

Written by centralpagazelle

November 28, 2012 at 10:55 pm

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