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School District Removes Fart-Lighting From Science Curriculum After Fireball Incident

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fireball_1The Carlisle Area School Board voted last night to forbid teachers from lighting farts after last week’s flatulence fireball incident at Wilson Middle School.

As part of the experiment, a science teacher stood on top of a desk, pulled down his pants and lit a fart. The teacher’s ass was briefly engulfed in flames. The district said the demonstration occurred as part of a science unit focusing on methane gas.

One student who was in the class said the experiment “went from totally gnarly to totally bogus” in a matter of seconds.

Seven students were treated at hospitals for breathing trouble that resulted from laughing incredibly hard. Twelve more students sought medical treatment later that day after trying to light their own farts at home. The teacher was treated for injuries to his rectum, scrotum and ego.

A spokeswoman for Taco Bell, where the teacher had eaten four bean burritos and three seven-layer burritos earlier in the day, declined to comment.

Written by centralpagazelle

December 7, 2012 at 9:30 am

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