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PennDOT Says It’s ‘Extremely Unprepared’ For Weekend Snowstorm

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saltpile_1(LEWISBERRY) – Standing next to a pile of road salt that he described as “terribly inadequate,” state Secretary of Transportation Barry Schoch said his agency is “woefully unprepared” for the snowstorm that could hit the region with as much as four inches of snow over the weekend.

“In layman’s terms, we’re totally fucked,” Schoch told reporters at a hastily-called press conference at a PennDOT maintenance shed near Interstate 83.

“It’s a weekend sandwiched between two holidays, so we had to give a bunch of people time off, and that includes a lot of our snow plow drivers,” Schoch said. “Also, someone forgot to order more salt and cinders. The bottom line? We’re shit out of luck.”

Schoch said residents could check the website for updated road conditions throughout the snowstorm. “Or, you can just skip that step and assume the [PennDOT maintained] roads in your area are total shit.”

“Our advice to people is to not drive anywhere. Just stay home. If the snow doesn’t melt off of the roads by itself in the next few days, we’ll try to get to it sometime next week,” Schoch said. “But no guarantees.”

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December 28, 2012 at 5:55 pm

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