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Corbett Marks One Full Week Without Insulting Unemployed Pennsylvanians

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Corbett_7(HARRISBURG) – As Governor Tom Corbett today celebrated one full week of not making comments perceived as insulting to unemployed people, his office marked the occasion by sending out a press release touting the accomplishment.

In the release, Corbett’s office conceded that the governor had “hurled a few racial epithets around the office and even hit on a couple interns” in recent days, but also noted that “none of the governor’s most recent offensive comments or actions could be construed as offensive to those on Pennsylvania’s unemployment rolls.”

In a radio interview last Monday, Corbett suggested employers are having trouble finding job candidates who could pass a drug test. In the hours that followed, several Democrats were treated at nearby hospitals for fall injuries after drooling incessantly over the remarks and subsequently slipping and falling in pools of their own slobber.

“I want it known that I have no problem with drug addicts,” Corbett said in the release. “In fact, I have a significant number of former, current and future drug addicts on my staff.”

Written by centralpagazelle

May 6, 2013 at 11:58 am

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