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Big Lettuce Balks At Taking Blame For Romaine Recall

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lettuce-2468495_1920What many are calling another senseless E. coli outbreak is fanning flames and raising tension on both sides of the debate over romaine lettuce.

Groups that have long spoken out in favor of tighter regulations on lettuce and lettuce dealers say more outbreaks will happen unless romaine is permanently banned from store shelves. But the romaine lettuce industry says it’s getting a bad rap.

“Lettuce doesn’t give people E. coli. People who poop and then handle lettuce do,” said Rodney McLaughlin, president of the Pennsylvania chapter of the Lettuce and Broccoli Industries of America, or LABIA. McLaughlin blames “kale-humping hippies” for a smear job on the lettuce industry.

“America was built on Caesar salads. And guns. But mostly Caesar salads,” McLaughlin said. “You show me a Caesar salad made out of cabbage and I’ll show you a kid barfing cabbage all over the room.”

McLaughlin and other lettuce industry heavies have been put on the defensive after anti-romaine rallies this past weekend in cities across the country. At one such rally in Tucson, Ariz., protesters were seen wielding signs with slogans such as “Big Lettuce Blows” and “Our feces are on your hands.”

McLaughlin countered: “The only thing that ever stopped a bad guy with infected romaine lettuce is a good guy with clean, healthy romaine lettuce.”

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December 4, 2018 at 10:24 pm

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